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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We watched the second half of this masterpiece on TV, and despite all that has been said, this movie is funny! It is extremely rude and graphic, and it is much less of a social critique than Borat. Still, more than a few times I was floored with laughter. The best part imho goes like this: Bruno is trying to get married to his boyfriend in California, so the boyfriend wears a wedding gown as a disguise (apparently gay marriage is not allowed there?). The priest (who is being pranked) does not know this, but when the "bride" removes the veil, the priest realizes that she is male and refuses the go ahead. Then Bruno asks, if she is male, how coud she give birth to this child? The camera cuts to a black child that Bruno "adopted" earlier in the movie (the boyfriend is white). Then the priest asks the "bride", "So, when did you have this child?" And there are a few other very good moments. I cannot vouch for the first half, have not watched it. So, go for it but try not to eat anything in the few hours beforehand as you may occasionally get sick.

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