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Saturday, December 20, 2008


Aron asked to post:
We saw the French movie "Secret". Although sometimes it looks that it is hard to say anything new about Holocaust, this movie does. There are practically no horrors of the war shown. However, the pain lives inside even in the 50-s and 80-s. Unusual twists of the plot may be only mitigated by the claim that it is based on a true story. And days after seeing the movie can not stop re-living it.


Sun, Dec 21 2:15 pm ($8; 10)
Fri, Jan 2 1:30 pm ($6; $7)
Sat, Jan 3 10:30 am ($6; $7)


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Andrei Rublev

I am sure everyone watched it, and it was my second time in probably 25 years. This film does in retrospective feel uniquely Russian in its seriousness, but then that's what Russian culture is for - to remind us that there's more to life than American-style "pursuit of happiness" (and just look how people are devastated around us now that the party is over).

The film is a classic, and the DVD quality is very decent. I had two favorites: first, there is a recurring motif of "people on horses" appearing from nowhere, torturing for no reason the otherwise happy locals, then going away. Nothing like this to describe Russian history. The second is probably everyone's favorite bell-casting scene, which is simply the most perfect piece of film-making out there. So if you have 3.5 hours to kill, please watch it again.