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Monday, May 26, 2014

Louie, TV series

I highly recommend Louie, a TV series by Louis C.K. It is apparently in its 4th season already. This is a comedy series that is more sad than funny, and at times it is simply a work of genius (sometimes, not so much). It is of course very rude, not to say gross, and sometimes hard to watch - do not let this stop you! He has been called the successor to Seinfeld and Larry David, and all that without being Jewish. Definitely a highly innovative TV format, etc.


Lena said...

Спасибо, Коби! Посмотрела первую серию, падая несколько раз со стула.
Не зря в газетах хвалят!

Марина Лисицкая said...

Здорово!!! Творчески и замечательно, узнала о блоге на tvoymalysh.com.ua/